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17 Twin Flame Signs

17 twin flame signs

Inexplicable in science but you feel the ground tremble as soon as your consciousness spotted your twin flame signs. It was once said by Plato, that millions of years ago, humans were once a soul with two faces, four arms and four legs. However, Zeus cut each soul into half, and since then, the souls long for each other.

Twin Flame is, the other half of the soul.

Although it’s an ancient philosophy, it’s undeniable that people have met their twin flames and evolved through the 8 stages of a twin flame relationship. The reality is, the majority of people aren’t conscious of their twin flame signs, yet. And you could be one of them.

When you’re conscious of the concept and know what signs to look for, your mind, body, and spirit will work together to reunite with your twin flame. A word of caution, your life will change when you meet your twin flame.

Before we explore the signs, you need to know this.

Twin Flames Exist On Purpose

No, they’re not here to complete us. Always keep this at the top of your mind, “You are already complete.” In fact, twin flames are here to accelerate our evolution, to evolve into the next grandest version of ourselves that we can possibly attain.

Reuniting with your twin flame will, literally, turn your life upside down, in a good way. There are certain signs you can look out for so you can spot your twin flame.

17 Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

“Some souls just understand each other upon meeting” – N.R. Hart

Sign 1 – You feel like you’ve seen this person, or you know this person for a long time even though it’s your first encounter. Without any logical reason or because, you’re drawn to this person.

Sign 2 – You feel safe being with this person. Their presence makes you feel like home.

Sign 3 – Both of you established an intense connection at first sight, and your relationship moves quickly. You fell in love with each other deeper and deeper.

Sign 4 – You are the opposites and complements of each other. Your darkness is lit up by their light and so do theirs.

Sign 5 – They are the reflections of your innermost fears. And both of you share opposing strengths and weaknesses. While you might be an introvert, your twin flame might be outgoing. Thus, twin flames often infuriate us because they’re showing our dark sides. But, know this, they are giving us opportunities to recognize our fears that we’ve been avoiding.

Sign 6 – You can reveal your true colours and feel perfectly natural behaving as yourself around them without the fear of being judged, rejected or criticized.

Sign 7 – You help each other evolve. In other words, grow to be a better person.

Sign 8 – You are each other’s catalysts and support to achieve a higher purpose that will benefit the lives of many and the universe.

Sign 9 – You are attuned to each other’s energy. For some reason, you know what they’re thinking, feeling and experiencing without many words. Therefore, you’re both highly empathetic with each other.

Sign 10 – Both of you have many similarities, from core values, life aspirations to interests and hobbies.

Sign 11 – The love between you is unconditional. Regardless of appearance, achievement, status, behaviour and outsider’s opinions, you love your twin flame for who they are.

Sign 12 – One of you is more spiritually mature than the other. The person serves as the teacher, counselor or coach to the other.

Sign 13 – Your relationship is beyond romance. Your relationships may include: BFF, teacher & student, therapist & patient, muse & artist, babysitter & baby.

Sign 14 – You learn essential life lessons from your twin flame. Such as gratitude, forgiveness, self-awareness, empathy, killing the ego, and how to love.

Sign 15 – Your twin flame accepts who you really are and doesn’t try to change you. They invite you to do the same as well. All of your sides, strengths, and weaknesses, quirky habits are entirely accepted by your twin flame.

Sign 16 – There’s an unknown magnetic force between both of you. Doesn’t matter the circumstances that pull you apart; eventually, you and your twin flame will come together again. This might repeat several times throughout the lifetime.

Sign 17 – You feel the twin flame relationship is more painful than others. Unlike usual friends and partners, they’re here to challenge ourselves. As more reflections of our innermost fears emerge, we begin to reject our twin flames and attracted to them at the same time.

It’s your turn.

What signs you have noticed from a (potential) twin flame?

Images – Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash and Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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