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5 Ways of Being Of Service

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We are all busy people and it goes without saying that our time is limited. However just because we are busy, that doesn’t mean that we have to give up on the idea of sharing ourselves, our time and our lives with those around us.

In fact, being of service to other people is one of the best things that we can do. Not only for our local communities (and those who need help) but also for ourselves too. The good news is that serving others and those around you doesn’t have to take time. In fact, to help inspire you to make a change, we have put together our guide on the simplest ways to serve yourself as well as those around you.


Chances are that you don’t have endless money to give away, but that doesn’t mean that you can donate even just a small amount. There are plenty of organisations, groups and community groups that would love to have even the smallest amount of money donated to them and you know that this would have a huge impact on the work that they do.

Cook meals for the homeless and hungry

No-one should ever feel hungry; which means that one of the best ways that you can serve others in need, is to offer them the chance to be fed. There are a variety of ways that you can be of service. You can volunteer at homeless shelters, helping them to cook and serve meals to those in need. Or, you can cook meals at home and then hand them out. It really is down to you.

In fact, serving other people is one of the best things that we can do. Not only for our local communities (and those who need help) but also for ourselves too.

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Offer your experiences and knowledge

Another way to give back, if you have some knowledge or life experience behind you; is to offer this to those who may be able to use it. Mentoring can be academic, it can be emotional, or you could just be a sounding board for someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. More often than not this could be a young person who is not getting the support that they need from their family.

Use your business or your workplace

If you own and run a business, then this could be the ideal opportunity to serve others. Your business could really be a benefit to local communities, and it could also help your own reputation too. If you don’t own your own business, then you can also ask your employer if there is any way that you can work in voluntary work to what they offer.

Don’t forget yourself

When you focus so much on serving other people; it can be hard to remember to serve yourself too. This is just as important as serving others. You need to take the time for yourself and be kind to your own thoughts and feelings, as this will be the biggest benefit to your mental wellbeing and health too.

There are so many ways to serve others and to serve yourself. So, make the time to do this and we can promise you that this is a positive for your life.

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