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About Acceptance


As we go through life we realise that there are situations that we can control, that we have power over and there are some things that we don’t. The key to being able to learn from these things and not let them define us is to show acceptance.

We need to be able to accept that things are often the way that they are for a reason and that it is down to us to either allow them to be, try to change them, or in some cases, walk away.

Whilst the idea of acceptance is a straightforward one, that doesn’t mean that we know how to be accepting. So, to help us to all be more accepting of the things around us, we have put together what we all need to know about acceptance.

Accepting doesn’t always mean supporting or agreeing

One of the key things to remember about acceptance is that it doesn’t mean that you are supporting or agreeing with the situation or person. It just means that you are acknowledging that it is happening. Sometimes it is more painful to fight against something, then it is just to realise that it is the way that it is and to make space for it to happen.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you can’t work at changing it

That said, just because you accept that a situation is happening, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up on the idea of it changing one day. Take for example, your body, it is a great thing to be able to accept your own body; but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the idea of ever being able to change it. Acceptance allows you to see the emotional connection that you have and how that can impact on you, rather than being ‘weak’.

Acceptance can be shown in all aspects of our lives

When it comes to acceptance, you are going to need to work at it every single day. It is something that we won’t always be able to do automatically; so you need to find a way to be accepting of the things that are around you. Acceptance can apply to every aspect of your life, from how you feel about yourself, to your relationships. It can even be applied to your interactions with those that you work with and that you see on a daily basis.

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.”

Michael J. Fox

Acceptance and Mental Health

The trick to remember about acceptance is that there are so many things that you can accept and have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing and health. It may be hard to see the positive in some situations, particularly if you only see the darkness that surrounds you, but we can promise you that if you show a little acceptance, then things will soon start to feel better.

Inevitably in life, we will have to face disappointment from time to time. Sometimes they can be little disappointments, and other times they may be great big heart-wrenching disappointments. When this happens to us, we have a choice in how we react. Some of us can give up on our dreams, others may keep fighting stubbornly against the tide, and still, others may choose another path to travel.

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Dealing with disappointment

One important aspect of dealing with disappointment is acceptance. When we keep fighting against our circumstances and disappointments, it can leave us feeling frustrated, bitter and exhausted. Especially during those times in life when everything seems to keep going wrong for us, we get more and more stressed as we try to resist the undesirable circumstances.

Practising acceptance can help ease that inner tension and allow us to see our situation more clearly. Accepting your circumstances does not mean giving up! It does not mean that you have to be 100% happy with your current situation. Acceptance means that you acknowledge and accept where you are in your life at this moment, even though it is not ideal.

Acceptance and Find the Lesson

It may take a lot of practice at the beginning, but as you continue to do this, something amazing happens. The struggles suddenly don’t seem so large anymore. They won’t magically dissolve before your eyes, but the edges seem to soften a bit. Life doesn’t seem quite so harsh anymore. Solutions to the problems begin to appear effortlessly. If that doesn’t happen right away, that’s okay! Know that they will eventually. Just keep practising acceptance and have faith that things will turn around.

“Acceptance doesn’t mean that life gets better; it just means that my way of living life on life’s terms improves.”

Sharon E. Rainey

I believe that everything happens for a reason. We are where we are in our lives right now because we are meant to be here. Several factors may have contributed to our current circumstances, such as choices we made in the past, or outside influences we have no control over. The questions to ask yourself are: What is the lesson here? What do I need to learn about this situation? Though you may not be happy with your current situation, there IS a reason you are there right now.

No matter what difficulties you are struggling with right now, know that this too shall pass. Difficulties do not last forever. Sometimes struggles are opportunities in disguise . . .